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"It's a huge issue and as our city grows and becomes more prosperous, the homeless situation actually becomes worse," Burns Murray explained. "The worry of course is that we are going to have people who are out on the streets and have nothing when it's 20 below, 30 below."

Many of these women and children do have a roof over their heads, but they are still considered homeless. Burns Murray says many will stay in places that aren't safe at all because they have no alternatives but that or the streets.

"It's very hard to find housing in Regina and it's very expensive," he explained.

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Some people are chronically homeless, but Harrison says the lack of affordable housing is pushing more people to desperate measures. She has met some who live in two bedroom apartments with 14 people.

As the temperatures drop and the snow flies many of us only have to worry about running from a warm house to a warm car, but what happens if you have nothing? There are people in Regina who don't know where they are going to sleep tonight.

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Miller lost everything a couple months ago after his drug addiction got out of control. After going through detox, now he spends his days looking for a job. He says for now finding a place to live is out of reach.

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Alaina Harrison is the housing coordinator at Carmichael Outreach. She says this is the time of year when people start getting scared.

Because some are hidden, she can't say exactly New Balance White Sneakers Womens

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"We are still working with a family that is living in a van, they have a mother and father and six children," Harrison said. "They've got a house to stay at sometimes but it's not a guaranteed thing."

Until he can save up enough money, he is living at the Salvation Army Waterston Centre.

"Recently I find myself homeless because I can't find a place, I don't make enough money with my current job," explains Adrian Odell as he sits down for coffee.

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"I sleep in garages, you know anywhere I can sleep in cars or whatever," he said. "Sometimes I get to have a bath so that's right on."

"There is a panic ongoing you know what I need to find somewhere inside that I can be safe and warm," she explained.

Through the day, people have the option of staying in the public lounges at shelters like Waterston Centre, but many head for places like Carmichael Outreach.

In severe weather, Harrison helps direct people to one of the emergency shelters in the city.

Right now many of the shelter organizations in the city are meeting to plan strategies to make sure everyone has a warm bed in extreme weather, even if it's only a mat and a blanket on the floor.

Organizations that support people who are homeless including Carmichael Outreach and the YWCA say the issue is getting worse in Regina. Even in these prosperous times, many people are falling through the cracks.

YWCA Director of Housing Louise Burns Murray says last year they helped 476 people, including 173 children at that shelter alone. But every day they have to turn people away, sometimes up to 200 in a month. While it's devastating to tell them there is no room, she says they just don't have space for everybody.

story is just one among many people who are homeless in this city. It's difficult to find out exactly how many people don't have a place to live. Each shelter tracks their numbers in a slightly different way. Salvation Army for example saw the use of their shelter rise this year to an average of 854 bed days a month in their 32 bed shelter, compared to 772 per month last year.

Other people like Edward who won't give out his last name, says he doesn't like staying with other people so he avoids shelters when he can.

´╗┐Homeless in Regina in winter

At Waterston Centre, they are full every weekend in summer, but Captain Ben Lippers who runs the men's shelter says it won't be enough on freezing nights.

how many homeless people there are in this city, but she has no doubt the problem is growing.

"In the winter they come and they come from all walks and it's always been a concern to make sure nobody's outside," Lippers said.

also help people find shelter.

Right now he spends his nights at the Soul's Harbour Rescue Mission and he has also stayed at the Waterston Centre in the past. He says he is grateful for the Gold New Balance Sneakers work they do.

For people who are homeless it's a safe haven through the day. They give out everything from coffee and food to warm clothes, and they New Balance Uk Made

"People don't realize how hard it is and how embarrassing it is not to have your own place and not to have friends that are willing to accommodate you," Odell said.

My Aunt's Place is run by YWCA Regina. With 22 shelter beds, it takes in women and children and it's always full.

"It's getting really cold out and I'm not sure what I'm going to do because there's really nowhere for me to go," he said. "I've been fortunate enough to have usually a house to stay in or at least somewhere warm to curl up in."

Chad Miller is homeless and worried. This is the first winter he doesn't have a place to live.

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