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"In the past we were averaging about 65 or so HIV tests on a monthly basis. We know over the past year as we've been tracking them on a monthly basis that we have seen an increase. We're now averaging around 90 tests per month. We obviously have a goal to reach higher than that and to increase our testing rates higher," she continued, referencing the Mamawetan Churchill River Health Region.

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New Balance 2000

"Under treatment and support there has been an improvement in that we now, for La Ronge, have a visiting specialist who deals specifically with infectious diseases. So they visit La Ronge Medical Clinic on a regular basis in order to provide services."

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New Balance 2000

As great as providing medication is, the northern health regions are also making advancements in social programs for those who are HIV positive to access including housing, addictions and support, she said. This help could be something as simple as aiding the patient in getting to their medical appointments.

"(We see) a combination of new infections as well because we're testing more so we're finding more," she explained, adding many people could White New Balance

been brought into positions that help to provide direct support for people who are living with HIV New Balance 2000 and to support them with their addictions as well," she explained.

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Dr. Khaketla said this is a necessary step because it can be difficult for patients to travel outside the health region to places like Prince Albert or Saskatoon where care can be accessed.

This is in line with the Saskatchewan HIV initiative that wants to see a 50 per cent increase of HIV tests conducted by 2014. However with more screening Dr. Khaketla is seeing more cases of HIV infections, which she said could be due to various factors.

To help deal with those who test positive, special care workers are being brought into the northern communities.

New Balance 2000

to the North there's sometimes challenges of people accessing certain types of treatment. I think there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but I think a lot of progress has been made," she said.

New Balance 2000

´╗┐HIV testing on the rise in northern Saskatchewan

New Balance 2000

have been infected with HIV for a long time before being tested.

"We have our health regions in the North, hired people specifically that have New Balance Instagram

Saskatchewan has one of the highest rates of HIV in Canada and regions in the North are no exception. What makes it worse is the lack of some valuable resources for those who do find themselves infected.

New Balance 2000

The main point Dr. Khaketla would like to get across the regions is the importance of getting tested just as precaution. One of the focuses this year has been on education and removing stigma behind HIV.

New Balance 2000

However, Dr. Moliehi Khaketla, deputy medical health officer for the three northern health regions in the province, said they have increased not only the programs for those who they know are HIV positive but for those who just want to get tested.

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