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New Balance 740 Purple Reign

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

Uber may be the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to mobile taxi services, but what if there was a way to lower the cost of your ride by sharing a car with other passengers?

´╗┐Hitch is a car service app that lets you share cabs with other New Balance Skate Shoes 2018

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

There also a social aspect built into the application White New Balance Boots

So how does the process work? Well instead of telling Hitch where you getting picked up, you tell it what your final destination is. If you have multiple people riding in the car, you also feed Hitch New Balance 2018 Boston Marathon Shoe

Hitch is centered around a logistics engine that specializes in finding riders who share a common route, this way, cars won waste gas or time by picking up and dropping off passengers at different points along the route. This way you can share the cost of the ride with your fellow hitchers.

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

That the question that Hitch, a new ride sharing mobile application, looks to answer.

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

that allows the passengers access to each other mutual facebook friends. You can rate your Hitch driver, along with your fellow passengers, so Hitch users can see who fun to have in the car and who isn Uber and other mobile taxi applications, Hitch conducts criminal background checks on its drivers and they are heavily insured for when passengers are riding in one of its taxis.

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

Hitch will then scan the area to see if anyone else requested to be dropped off at a location that it the vicinity of your final destination, and give you an estimate.

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

Are you interested in trying out Hitch? Well, anyone in the world can try it out, as long as they live in San Francisco. Currently only residents in the City by the Bay have access to Hitch services Monday through Thursday, 5:30pm 11pm, Friday 5:30pm 2am, Saturday New Balance 740 Purple Reign 11am 2am, and Sunday 11am 8pm. If it catches on, however, expect it to be spread to more areas, a la Uber.

New Balance 740 Purple Reign


that bit of information as well.

New Balance 740 Purple Reign

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