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New Balance Boston

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Those arrests have slowed, however. Arrests of children traveling alone and children and parents traveling together dropped by about half in July from the previous month. illegally without a parent or guardian soared this year. With two months to go in the fiscal year, more than 17,500 Honduran children had been arrested after arriving alone by the end of July. For all of the previous fiscal year there were 6,747, which was already a significant jump from fewer than 3,000 in 2012.

for the children to stay at home and not take that horrific journey," said Foreign Minister Mireya Aguero de Corrales in McAllen.

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´╗┐Honduran foreign minister visits US

The goal is that migration goes back to being an option rather than a necessity, Aguero said. The hope is "to dissuade them, to break the vicious cycle," she said.

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New Balance Boston

New Balance Boston

Aguero said they also register with the government's social services agency and another government agency focused on young children to qualify for additional support.

"Essentially, many get off the bus returning (deported) from Mexico and leave again," Aguero said. "That's why this comprehensive approach to the root causes is important."

Honduras and its neighbors, Guatemala and El Salvador, have all been ravaged by gang violence and face intense poverty. Aguero said their geography, square between drug producers and drug consumers, has forced them to divert much needed resources from health and New Balance Skate Shoes 2018

education programs to security. Rep. needs to develop an aid program for those countries that went beyond security cooperation to address issues tied to poverty. to reintegrate at home. They receive preferential treatment in finding homes, jobs and returning to school, she said. illegally, double the number from New Balance Shoes For Men Black

the same period a year earlier. Another 63,000 families mothers or fathers with young children were arrested during that period.

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Women with young children sent back to San Pedro Sula last month were given a day's worth of groceries, water and about $25 in the local currency.

"We have sent a strong message to the families and others New Balance Running Shoes Pink

New Balance Boston

Many who leave sell all of their belongings, sometimes giving up their homes, to pay for the trip.

Honduras has the world's highest homicide rate for a nation that is not at war. Drug trafficking and pervasive gang violence have led thousands of families to decide the dangerous journey north is a New Balance Boston better option than staying put.

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