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New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

Park about every two weeks.

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

How much money has he put into his hobby over the past 16 years?

"It was basically my way of getting off the couch," he said. "It's fun."

'Oh, just wait until this weekend.' It's all good fun."

Cost: To race, it's $15 for the first class and $10 for each additional class. Reno R/C Association members can race at the discounted rate of $10 for the first class and $5 for each additional class. There is no charge to watch.

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

10 years old, and now he has about a dozen vehicles of different types and sizes.

highlight of each month.

The average repair cost, he said, is about $20.

Membership is $30 per year for one person and $5 per year for each additional family member. Members receive a deep discount on entry fees to the association's races, which are held at Mira Loma New Balance Cushioning

"I don't think I want to know," he said. "It kind of depends on how bad the bug bites you as to how much you spend."Sage said newcomers can buy a hobby grade car with a battery and charger for about $200. Throw in a remote control and a person can be up and running for less than $500. While that price is higher than one might pay for an R/C car at a department store, Sage suggests going the hobby grade route because those vehicles can be repaired if necessary.

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

"The beating and banging and everything takes its toll on them, but it's basically the hobby," Walls said, "something to do to keep my dexterity going."

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

Walls has been a member of the Reno Radio Controlled Association for about three years, and he spends many weekends racing his two radio controlled (or R/C) vehicles against others. He got into the sport seriously about four years ago, he said, while recovering from a broken neck.

Indeed. On a recent weekday, Walls was whipping one of his cars around the dirt track at Mira Loma Park in southeast Reno, kicking up gravel and sending it somersaulting over massive jumps " or at least what would be a massive jump for a real car.

´╗┐Hobby tears up park speedway

"Right now, we have, I would say, about 25 members, and it's growing every time we have a race," association president Harold Sage said. "We're always looking for new people."

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

"It keeps me going, keeps me young," he said. "I'd never drive my real car like this. I can drive this like I stole it."

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

Dan Walls of Reno likes racing

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

Twenty six year old Tad Meadows of Sparks got his first R/C car at

The association is open to people of all ages, and Walls, who is 48, said he is one of the older members.

For R/C Association members, races at Mira Loma Park, 3000 S. McCarran Blvd., are a New Balance 311 On Feet

"I've gone out to try to break them because I race them," Sage said. "And I haven't broken them. I've sold them to friends, and they've gone out within two weeks and broke just about everything. So, it's basically how you drive the car."

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

Interested in joining the Reno Radio Controlled Association? See Harold Sage at HC Hobbies, 1231 Baring Blvd., Sparks, or look for an association board member during a race at Mira Loma Park. 9; Aug. 23; Sept. 6; Sept. 20; Oct. 4; Oct. 18. on race days.

The Reno R/C Association exists so that enthusiasts like Walls can meet with other drivers, plan races and keep the hobby thriving in Northern Nevada.

radio controlled cars for many reasons, but one reason is that he can put them through hell.

"I usually have four cars out here on race day," Meadows said. "You get friendly rivalries New Balance Concepts City Rivalry and go online and talk smack to people. Shoes New Balance

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

New Balance Concepts City Rivalry

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