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New Balance Cush 771

I'm also giving up on that futile quest to look absolutely perfect 24/7 that heavy burden most girls and women carry around with them courtesy of the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood and those souless strange creatures that work in New Balance Gray

New Balance Cush 771

New Balance Cush 771

New Balance Cush 771

The main thing I'm looking forward to however is just not caring any more in an I am what I am kinda way.

But you know what? I just don't care.

As you can imagine, there is much teasing in my world right now. My colleagues have been counting down since August 1 (2012), my fella thinks it's hilarious and my little sis keeps giving me knowing smirks. Don't worry, it's all being stored away for when she turns the big 3 0. Five years and counting Emily. I won't forget. Revenge is a dish best served cold an' all that.

I'm much happier, ta very much.

Basically, anything to do with a hill.

"You're over the hill now Joycey."

So, if being more relaxed and confident is what 30's all about, then sign me up. The nearer I get to it, the more I realise it's nothing to be scared of. New Balance Q4

New Balance Cush 771

New Balance Cush 771

"It's all downhill from here, Liz."

New Balance Cush 771

New Balance Cush 771

Anyways, I'm getting all the traditional comments.

"Hell no. I want to take all my make up off as soon as I get in from work, pull on one of my dad's old sweatshirts from 1992 and eat cheese and Branston Pickle sandwiches in front of three hours of Come Dine With Me. Now that, my friend, will be awesome."

´╗┐honest Express Star

But these days, though my New Balance Furon Pro Fg

In my late teens and early 20s, I had to have the perfect hair, the perfect make up, the perfect outfit, the perfect bod. A lack of any of the aforementioned resulted in a sickly hollow feeling.

New Balance Cush 771

Plus, it no longer takes me two hours to get ready. Just think of all the extra cheese and Branston Pickle sandwiches I can eat in that time. Not to mention four more episodes of Come Dine With Me. See? My priorities are now in order.

roots may be grey and edges a little more New Balance Cush 771 wobbly, I just don't care.

New Balance Cush 771

New Balance Cush 771

fashion, advertising and glossy mags.

"Hey Liz, fancy getting all dressed up and going out for a night of drinking, dancing and crazy nightclub antics? We can do Jgerbombs and boogie on a podium. It'll be awesome."

This feeling has been creeping up on me for a while now. I no longer have the energy nor inclination to pretend to be anything that I'm not.

Sure I've been trotting out the traditional "Wah! Can't believe I'm turning 30" nonsense but the fact of the matter is I'm pretty ruddy excited about it. In no small part because I'll be in New York City with my five favourite people in the world. Unfortunately, Daniel Craig was busy to make it the full six. The invitation's still open though, Daniel. I'll meet you in Tiffany Co.

New Balance Cush 771

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