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New Balance Disney Running Shoes

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

True to expectations, the ad has helped position Huggies as being different from their competitors. Through providing strong and relevant information of interest to the public agenda (such as pricing), this newspaper ad delivered a significant increase in affinity towards the brand.

In testing, we found the McCafe 'letter' did a really good job at delivering well thought out information to help increase brand affinity and strongly drive re appraisal.

"It's good that they've taken the effort to address their consumers regarding the changes" and "I thought it made Huggies more reputable because first, they were telling New Balance Disney Running Shoes the truth, and second they have done well by keeping prices low for so many years. Furthermore they explained why they needed to increase prices as most companies don't even bother."

down. They were onto a good thing".

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

In the 'letter', Huggies informs its customers that with costs on the rise and without having raised prices in nearly six years, they're going to be reducing the number of nappies in their jumbo packs.

When asked what they thought of the ad, respondents were largely positive. For example:

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

We tested in this ad in May's wave of Creative Benchmarking, on the assumption that the ad should exceed RoleMap benchmarks for affinity and re appraisal, New Balance Red Black

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

That last verbatim of course picks up on what newspapers can deliver for advertisers, more effectively than any other paid advertising channel; trust.

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

We asked respondents about their opinion of the ad, and received verbatim responses such as: "It's an honest and good ad. Usually a company would put an apology in the newspaper for causing a big offence or disaster, but I guess some people do take their coffee very seriously!"

Huggies had effectively increased positive feelings for the brand when word of mouth, via the parenting grapevine, could have been one sided and overly negative.

Ultimately, the most likely action off the back of this newspaper ad was that respondents would "talk to friends and family". With this ad, New Balance 2000 Reflective

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

In April 2012, Huggies, the nappy brand ran an interesting advertisement in the form of an open letter from the GM of Kimberley Clark Australia [KCA].

Here's another win for the "simple honesty" approach. In July 2011, we tested this much publicisednewspaper ad for McCafe (right). Also in a letter format, the COO explained that McDonald's had listened to customers and were determined to make their coffee better, with a replacement guarantee if not satisfied.

´╗┐Honesty is a great policy

Another said: "It's a nice clean 'ad' although I wouldn't really call it an 'ad'. It highlights an important issue and it is good that they will keep manufacturing nappies in Australia".

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

while driving differentiation and relevance.

Of course, not everybody loved the message that the number of nappies in the box would decrease in order to keep costs down: "Dislike that they have decided the number in boxes needs to come back New Balance Light Grey Pink

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

New Balance Disney Running Shoes

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