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New Balance Furon Review

New Balance Furon Review

When Stephane Etienne's son Ilhan was born with hypo plastic kidneys, he became man on a mission. His next move was to embark on a journey that he would turn into a television program to be aired worldwide on the Discovery Channel.

in North America and Canada.

The program follows Etienne's journey as he rides across the globe on his motorcycle with his mate Paul Torreiro of Vancouver, BC to raise awareness for chronic kidney disease and organ transplant.

would come back for sure. New Balance Furon Review It has been very interesting in terms of the temperature and the landscapes.

´╗┐Hit TV show 'WorldRiderZ' visits Sault

The 35 year old says the journey has been rewarding since the beginning of the second season eight weeks ago in Paris. He said the people he has met in Canada have been generous and kind, some even approaching him on the side of the road to ensure everything is okay.

New Balance Furon Review

New Balance Furon Review

The second season began in Paris, and will end in Vancouver. During the crew's journey through Canada, photographer Aymeric Zito says Ontario's landscapes have been captivating as they make their way through the Algoma region.

New Balance Furon Review

has been amazing so far, the landscapes as we have been riding around Lake Superior have been amazing, Zito said. really New Balance Navy Leather

but we have to do it. I am a man on a mission to spread the word out there. He says the story hits close to home for him, and his message for McClelland and his family is done and congratulations, you are a true inspiration. think this is one of the most amazing signs of love you can do for someone, to give an organ to someone so that your own can live a normal decent life. I am here for them, I'm here to support them because we need organs. They travelled across four continents and nine countries where they visited over 10 hospitals and five foundations. The season attracted approximately 3 million viewers, and due to the success they decided to run season two.

New Balance Furon Review

have to say the response in Ontario has been the best so far because people are looking to help us out, he said. Two people have invited us for dinner in the past two days, and that's exactly what we do this trip for is to meet people and to get our message out.

difficult because I'm torn between the amazing feeling of being on the road, Etienne said. day you see different things or you meet people that are so generous New Balance Black Football Boots

New Balance Furon Review

New Balance Furon Review

other side of that is that I don't get to see my family, he said. difficult because I don't get to talk to them much when we go through various areas, New Balance Men's

New Balance Furon Review

enjoy the people the most I think, and we've got a pretty good response everywhere we go.

New Balance Furon Review

The series is now in its second season, and the crew of paid a visit to the Sault on Friday at the Sault Ste. Marie Canal National Historic Site. The crew filmed at the site to showcase some of Algoma's premier tourism destinations.

New Balance Furon Review

New Balance Furon Review

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