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New Balance Gold Coast

Jane Rimmer:

going out the countryNovember 4, 2013 at 5:05pm

Lincoln MP Karl McCartney said: respect of HS2 the supporters of this project are yet to convincingly explain to the people of Lincoln and Lincolnshire how their city and county will directly benefit from additional services once the high speed New Balance Leather 2018

Photo: HS2

New Balance Gold Coast

As well as faster inter city journey times, it will provide an increase in rail capacity and major reorganisation of local and longer distance railway services on existing networks like the East Coast Main Line and Midland Main Line.

Instead of the single return service each day, Lincoln could get an additional 15 services to London almost an hourly service.

The network will be built up in two phases, first working on the line between London and Birmingham followed by lines between Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield Meadowhall and an East Midlands Hub at Toton, near Nottingham.

HS2, a 42 billion project to be completed by 2026, is a new railway between London, Birmingham, Manchester, the East Midlands, Sheffield and Leeds, designed to operate at speeds of up to 225mph.

According to the report, Lincoln would be impacted by the new line because of relief from the East Coast Main Line, meaning additional direct services between the city and London.

Watching Michael Portillo programme about European railway journeys points up the grotty nature of a lot of our railway network.

may well be some direct benefits later on as the line is connected through to Leeds (and Manchester) and whilst not that close geographically to Lincoln, I welcome the advent of a major infrastructure project linking areas of our country that are not in the South East or London centric.

Don think it will make any difference to Lincoln they might get from London to Birmingham then the powers will deside it cost to much to go any further ,even if they proceed further on up to Glasgow we will still be relying on old track that needs upgrading . Who will run it probley the French or China maybe TaTa more money New Balance Leather

New Balance Gold Coast

The revamped Euston Station in London, the destination of the trains from Birmingham. Photo: HS2

This would improve the city and county economy by between 62 115 million. In the East Midlands, the HS2 network would bring in an extra 2.2bn a year.

New Balance Gold Coast

New Balance Gold Coast

Robert Kevin Purchase:

New Balance Gold Coast

November 4, 2013 at 2:03pm

few large cities will receive their golden egg while the rest of the country languishes behind with Victorian rail lines and an under funded road network. are plenty of viable alternatives that would boost the nation economy. The existing level New Balance For Women 2018

crossings at pinch points such as Skellingthorpe Road can be closed for up to 20 minutes in the hour. WIth an increase in passenger train frequency as well as the freight being sent along the line, cars would never move. To see over 150 vehicles stuck for 5 minutes at a time at the level crossing causing gridlock onto Triton Road, Skellingthorpe Road, Boultham and all feeder streets for a single carriage passenger train with a handful of people on board is absolutely ridiculous.

These routes would run similar as the current service, either via Newark or Sleaford.

could make it easier for people to commute to and from, visit, conduct business from and study in the city. sceptic

´╗┐High speed rail boost of up to

"In the meantime, whilst welcoming such benefits for the north of our country, I will continue to argue that our priority in Lincoln must be to electrify the Lincoln Newark Nottingham line and ensure that the slowest and least frequent services of any city in the UK are improved. Metcalfe, Leader of the City of Lincoln Council, said: New Balance Gold Coast proposed HS2 training, if it goes ahead, could see improved East to West connectivity from Lincoln.

November 4, 2013 at 2:27pm

Lincoln and other parts of the county will benefit from the introduction of a high speed rail network by up to 115 million, according to a report.

New Balance Gold Coast

The report, by KPMG on behalf of High Speed Two Limited (HS2), looks at how a new rail network in the East Midlands would economically impact the area.

New Balance Gold Coast

New Balance Gold Coast

rail network, which will initially link London to Birmingham, is up and running.

New Balance Gold Coast

However, some feel that the money being invested into the HS2 project could be better invested and distributed across the country in existing infrastructure.

Councillor Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways and Transportation at Lincolnshire County Council, said: admire the government ambition to take on large infrastructure projects, but I not convinced HS2 is a good use of 42 billion.

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