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New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

Design: it only seems flat

with modern capabilities. At a pretty competitive price you get a black silver clamshell with two top class color displays, automatic opening system, a megapixel camera, radio, a MP3 player, a memory card slot, Bluetooth, EDGE, and a detailed menu.

Rear cover surface resembles leather Pop port and the memory card slot are located under the rear cover Pop port hidden under the protecting cap and the charger connector right next to it Strip eye let

The top half of the phone gets thinner from the joint towards the edge, which is an interesting design solution as it makes the whole device look thinner too. Hardly anyone would ever say that the joint level of Nokia 6131 is 20 mm thick. At first sight the phone looks like yet another razor thin phone, no pun intended. Its length and width are average, 92 and 48 mm. Weight is a bit higher than usual (112 g), but in no case can it be considered a downside.

Feels perfectly into one's palm comparison to a CD

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

The black Nokia 6131 will probably become popular among men, while ladies are expected to be fond of the white version of the New Balance Running Trainers Mens

the connector slot for the new charger, which is smaller than the one used in previous Nokia models. The strip eye let is mounted in the left top corner of the phone.

We have been delivered a black version of the new Nokia 6131. It is made of matt and soft plastics. It is pleasant to touch. Fingerprints remain invisible. Phone's only decoration is the glossy area surrounded by an expressed silver frame on the front, encompassing the external display, the camera and the manufacturer logo.

Somewhat unusually, the Pop port connector is located on the top edge of the device. It is protected by a plastic cap caught to the phone. Next to the Pop port connector you will see New Balance Men's Mr470 Ve

phone. Design is universal and non obtrusive. Many users will surely like it, no matter how boring it may seem to "cool" teenagers, for example. Nokia 6131 features great capabilities at a very reasonable price, which is a combination guaranteeing sure market success.

Key features

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

Nokia has prepared an excellent new phone, which is not only attractive, but also well equipped New Balance Minimus 10v4

brilliant external and main displaysplenty of user configurable optionsMP3 player is too simpleIt was with Nokia 6101 when Nokia stopped to experiment with clamshell phones, having stuck to the New Balance Golf Shoes 2018 path of the proven success ever since, that is, less extravagance, good equipment, and reasonable price. The new Nokia 6131 is another step within the trend described above. Its features, however, are a class higher than usual. The phone features a brilliant display, original and purely elegant design, detailed functions, and intuitive control. Nokia 6131's qualities are so extensive that they can easily make any Nokia 6230 owner consider a possible replacement.

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

´╗┐Highly addictive

The top part of Nokia 6131 is shorter than bottom one, creating an interesting optical effect when the phone is closed. The visible part of the bottom part is chromium plated and thus goes well with the front cover decorative frame. The removable back cover is elaborated of rough plastic material and resembles leather. It is softer than usual, does not catch fingerprints, and provides for a great grip. What's more, it does not creak.

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

On the left side of the phone there is a pair of volume control buttons, while on the right side you will find the On/Off button and the camera activation key. Lateral elements are quite small and thus somewhat difficult to recognize by touch, which is particularly inconvenient when earphones volume levels need to be adjusted. Getting used to it takes some time.

Front cover is decorated with a pronounced glossy frame

Construction: push the button

The top part's edge does not reach the bottom part's one.

Nokia 6131

New Balance Golf Shoes 2018

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