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Safe and Inclusive Schools and board leadership programs, Superintendent Brent McDonald

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The Planning Department provided an update on their projects for the coming years. and accommodating both French Immersion and Regular Tack students. It is expected to be done by the end of the 2013 14 year. and will examine future enrolment pressures at Ponsonby due to the site's inability to accommodate portables. If numbers warrant, the board will start the FI program in Rockwood in 2014 15 (JK/SK or JK/SK/Grade 1) only. The school for the program, if it is offered, has not yet been selected. Staff in the department will commence work on a new Long Term Accommodation Plan in the 2014 15 year to update priorities for five, 10 and 15 years into the future.

Secondary Student Success and Continuing Education, Superintendent Erin Kelly

The board was provided with an update on the various building, renovation and renewal projects underway in the schools over the summer months. About 33 projects were underway this summer. (Shelburne). A number of year four and five interior renovations and additions are underway to house FDK. Some of the additions will not be open for students as of the first day of school, but students will be accommodated without safety concerns until they are finished. Inspections are underway. Various projects including system upgrades, asbestos removal, lighting replacement and exterior renovations are also taking place. Asphalt repair and replacement has taken place at some schools, and roofing and window replacements at others.

Financial reporting and budget development, Superintendent of Finance, Janice Wright.

Full Day Kindergarten (FDK) and elementary staffing, Superintendent Linda Benallick

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Trustees were pleased with the report presented by Director of Education, Martha Rogers on the objectives and subsequent achievements over the past school year of the board's senior administrators. As part of the performance appraisal policy for the eight senior staff members the report highlights the various successful undertakings in areas including:

´╗┐Highlight from the August 27 2013 Board Meeting

Full Day Kindergarten Capital Planning and new schools, Capital and Renewal Projects Manager, Paul Scinocca

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Director Martha Rogers provided trustees with copies of the 2012 Annual Report, highlighting the activities that occurred in the board's previous year. Along with messages from the Director and former Chair of the Board, the report provides details on the board's strategic directions and focuses on events and activities in support of the three main themes: student achievement, energizing staff and public confidence. The report will be posted on the board's website and copies widely distributed in the system and the community. Linked to the board's Strategic Plan, the objectives are the basis of the annual Operating Plan for the coming year. The director highlighted the strategic directions, which are due to be reviewed in the coming school year, and the various action plans and action steps that will become the focus for the system in 2013 14. These steps are based on the primary goal of improving student achievement and student learning through programs and services for students and increasing staff capacity. Trustees were told that the Director's objectives mirror the objectives of the Ministry as education becomes more centralized at the provincial level, but provide for flexibility on the board's part to provide the best New Balance 670

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New Balance Golf Shoes

Board Improvement Planning and effective teaching and learning strategies, Superintendent Doug Morrell

meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board was held on Wednesday, August 27. Each MOU contains sections pertinent to the employee groups. The Ministry of Education is providing the board with approximately $2.29 million to implement the labour framework. The board will provide the Ministry with the appropriate attestations and copies of the board motions in order to obtain the funds.

Human Resources and Collective Agreements, Executive Officer of Human Resources, Jennifer Rose

education for students in Upper Grand. The plan also includes the director's role and objectives in the area of leadership management for the system, including maintaining a visible presence in the system, policy work and overseeing the entry process for the new Superintendents.

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As well as the noted objectives and achievements, the senior administration was involved in the successful coordination New Balance Golf Shoes and management of elementary and secondary schools, environmental issues, staff wellness initiatives, and planning activities such as boundary reviews. Trustees praised New Balance Shoes Black And Grey

Accessibility Planning and New Teacher Induction Program, Superintendent of Education, Bonnie Talbot

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Planning Department Work Program

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Objectives and Achievements of the Senior Administration

Capital Projects and Renewal Program Update

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GUELPH, Ontario The regular monthly New Balance Sneakers Womens

the leadership of the senior staff in meeting their objectives.

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