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New Balance Lightweight

New Balance Lightweight

DROID 2 pre sale starts tomorrow and the day after that, August 12, should see the device hitting all Verizon Wireless stores. The Motorola DROID 2 is said to cost 200 US dollars (after a 100 US dollar mail in rebate with a new 2 year contract).

New Balance Lightweight

In addition the QWERTY keyboard has undergone a total make over. The D pad is gone (it place has been taken by four separate arrow buttons) so now there is much more space for the rest of the keys. The result is a way comfier hardware keyboard.

New Balance Lightweight

New Balance Lightweight

New Balance Lightweight

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´╗┐hits the Verizon Wireless stores on August 12

New Balance Lightweight

The Motorola DROID 2 features a 1GHz processor (nearly twice as fast as the first DROID), double the RAM amount (512MB instead of 256MB) and 8GB of built in storage (an 8GB microSD card is also included).

New Balance Lightweight

the DROID 2 into a Wi Fi hotspot and make it share your New Balance Lightweight Internet access with up New Balance 840v3

Yeap, it much more powerful than the original DROID (known as Motorola MILESTONE on these shores). And a bit sexier, too. On top of that, the DROID 2 comes with a MOTOBLUR ed Froyo. Along with the other goodies the Android 2.2 comes with, it also brings along a Flash capable web browser! And that the real 10.1 Flash player deal, not Flash Lite.

New Balance Lightweight

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As a matter of fact, Motorola press release (see the source link) reveals much less than the numerous leaks starring DROID 2.

New Balance Lightweight

to 5 more Wi Fi capable devices. That doesn come for free, though. It will set you back another 20 US dollars a month. Ouch!

New Balance Lightweight

Oh, and one more thing. A DROID 2 R2 D2 special edition will be released in September. A limited number of DROID 2 phones will be redesigned to look like the R2 D2 and will pack exclusive Star Wars content.

DROID 2. Logical, huh? Motorola newest Android powered smartphone, the DROID 2, has already made several public appearances without its parents permission so it was high time that the company finally announced it officially.

New Balance Lightweight

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