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"From what I hear, people got power back late last night or early this morning," Brent Hayner, assistant chief of the Broad River fire department, said Monday. The fire department got reconnected Sunday night.

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´╗┐holiday not so merry for Buncombe families without power

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Ruth Bierley and her husband were able to get a repairman to fix their broken generator on Sunday, "but we had to pay double," she said Monday. Their house on Sand Branch Road near Black Mountain was still without power Monday morning.

going to get power" until today at least, she said. 9, waited all Monday morning for her power to come New Balance Visaro Black And Orange

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"Our roads still have 2 or 3 inches of ice on them," Jones said. "We just got out yesterday in the four wheel drive and didn't know if we'd get back" to the house. "I hope we get our generator fixed. We're really going to need it this winter."

"At least it's sunny today," she said. Sunday. "Just getting around all the broke trees, my mom is 81, she's lived on this farm her whole life and she said it was the worst storm she's ever seen," Larry Davis said.

9 went out Christmas morning, and the family, which feels lucky to have gas logs for heat, was still waiting for it to come back on today.

"As bad as it was, it brings out the good in people," Hayner said. He's been out of power for a couple of days, and George, who lives near him, has too. "Between his New Balance Black Womens Shoes

New Balance Men's 801

New Balance Men's 801

New Balance Men's 801

house and ours, it looked like a war zone," she said.

"It was a real bad situation," Hayner said. "A lot of the residents in Broad River were out Christmas morning cutting trees. If it hadn't been for volunteers here at the fire department, the power company wouldn't have gotten in here.

The Davises have a wood stove for heat, and they had candles and an oil lamp. The storm was "inconvenient, but it wasn't a hardship," Larry Davis said. His nieces and nephews had planned to come for Christmas, but the ice got in the way of that.

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On Christmas Day they couldn't plug in their Christmas tree, which was hard for her 2 year old daughter to understand, Owenby said. Sunday night, the light came on "for about two seconds" but flickered off just as quickly. "And we could see the power crews leaving, so we knew we weren't New Balance Football Cleats

back on. Without electricity since early morning Christmas Day and what with the generator conking out, being without lights "hasn't been a very good experience," Jones said. She and her husband had planned to go see family on Christmas, but ice all over the road, as well as the trees, knocked that idea out.

None of the 12,250 households that lost power during the Christmas weekend ice storm were among the 67,000 Progress Energy customers who lost power during the snow storm Dec. 19. New Balance Men's 801 Those 67,000 people were primarily in Haywood County and in the Leicester, West Asheville, North Asheville areas of Buncombe County.

New Balance Men's 801

Thirty four Progress Energy customers in Mitchell County in the Little Switzerland and Spruce Pine area lost power in both storms, Thompson said.

New Balance Men's 801

But she was in Florida Monday morning and was happy she wasn't in Buncombe without power. "It's hot and sunny here," she said.

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New Balance Men's 801

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