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Once you're living in the house you'll quickly know if you have New Balance White Shoes Philippines

Congratulations, you've got your dream house. You survived the stress of making the biggest purchase of your life, the traumas of moving day and probably have hefty mortgage repayments as a happy reminder each month, but is your home truly your castle yet?

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Unlike with most building problems, the general rule with rising damp is that if the wall looks New Balance Lifestyle Shoes

The "home honeymoon" period of relaxing and enjoying your new surroundings soon gives way an irrepressible urge to change everything, starting with that ghastly pink wallpaper in New Balance 2000 Reflective

okay, it probably is okay so trust your judgement. But if the job's got to be done then make sure it's done properly.

To be honest though, if the interior decoration is your biggest pending home improvement you are one of the lucky ones. Tell tale signs include flaking plaster, peeling wallpaper, mould or a salty tidemark New Balance Online on walls inside the house. Or on the exterior either the appearance of white powder, or disintegrating mortar from the brickwork.

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Once you've attended to all the above your home should be in good working order, hopefully running more efficiently which in turn should bring down your monthly household bills.

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At this point you might financially need to take a break from home improvements but at some point you'll start dreaming again of how to improve your home, perhaps to add value when you come to sell on.

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Roof construction is a complex game so you will have to bring in experts, our only advice is to make sure any contractor you bring in to quote is registered with The National Federation of Roofing Contractors.

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You can't be too careful when it comes to Gas appliances, they should be checked regularly, particularly fires.

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There's plenty of plumbers and electricians in the phone book, just ensure that any electrical contractors you use are NICEIC approved and likewise for plumbers or gas engineers that they are Corgi registered.

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Unless you were fortunate enough to buy a new build, decorated entirely to your specifications, chances are you've got a rapidly growing list of things to fix, change or eradicate.

the bedroom which is beginning to give you night tremors.

There is no shortage of contractors who can come investigate the problem and offer a variety of damp proofing treatments but be wary of commission based salesmen who offer to do free check ups.

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a problem in one of these areas. For plumbing keep an eye on slow drains and leaky taps, and for electrics one tell tale sign your house needs an electrical MOT is if your trip switch goes every time a light bulb dies in the house.

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