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Settlers Creek (Orangeville): Trustee Borden

City of Guelph Adult Crossing Guard Program

New Balance Purple And Black

4 8 FI (all students) and JK to grade 8 regular track. A public information session was held at JD Hogarth on Thursday December 12 to provide information on the proposals to parents and the public. A decision will be made by the Board at the Business Operations Committee meeting on January 14, with confirmation due at the Board meeting on January 28.

Zaduk Place (Guelph): Trustees Moziar and Fairbairn

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Delegations Brisbane Public School French Immersion Program

Trustees approved the decisions of staff regarding the Ponsonby Boundary Review which will see grade 5 students from Ponsonby graduate into grade 6 at Elora Public School. The transition is being considered for September 2015 depending on enrolment in the small school. In a rural area with septic restrictions, the school has the possibility of becoming overcrowded. The change will not take place unless enrolment projections indicate that there will be more than 203 students attending the school. Staff will monitor enrolment, and notify parents the February before any change takes place. Once the students move they will not be moved back in order to minimize moves for the students.

Report 2 of the James McQueen Boundary Review was received by the Board. The report outlines three scenarios for dealing with overcrowding issues at James McQueen PS. The school, which sits on small 2.1 acre site, currently offers a dual track program (J 6 regular track and JK 4 FI). The review also affects JD Hogarth PS and John Black PS. Historically the FI program in Centre Wellington has been housed in two schools. Staff's proposed scenario would see two primary FI programs established at James McQueen (JK 5 regular track New Balance Zante V2 Review

and JK 3 FI for students generally west of Highway 6, including the boundary for Victoria Terrace PS) and John Black (JK 8 regular track and JK 3 FI for students generally east of Highway 6). JD Hogarth would then serve grades Black New Balance Shoes

´╗┐Highlights of the December 2013 board New Balance 1260v2

Trustees were appointed to the school naming committees for the four (4) schools due to open in the coming school year and the possibility of re naming King George as a result of the new school building, grade configuration and FI designation.

New Balance Purple And Black

The Health and Safety Department's multi year plan was received by the board. In the three year plan, the board will continue to enhance health and safety procedures across schools, as a benefit to students and staff, and to ensure continued compliance with Ministry of Labour directives and legislation.

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New Balance Purple And Black

New Balance Purple And Black

Ponsonby Public School Boundary Review

Trustees received a report on the City of Guelph's program at its December 10 meeting expressing concerns with recruitment, retention and vacancy coverage for adult crossing guards. The Board wrote a letter to the mayor requesting the reconvening of the committee composed of representatives from the City, Guelph Police Services and the two local school boards to discuss the issue further. No response has been received to the request as yet. Staff will continue to monitor the situation.

James McQueen Public School Boundary Review

Interim Financial Reporting as at October 31, 2013

Lisa Clarke and Jen Tulloch, parents of students living in Rockwood who currently attend French Immersion (FI) Senior Kindergarten (SK) in Brisbane delegated the board. Both parents requested that their children (and upcoming siblings) be grandfathered into Brisbane instead of having to attend FI programs in Rockwood. Among their concerns is that the children currently enrolled in the program will already have two years of French instruction, and will be placed in a school with grade 1 students who have not had any French teaching. Both families indicated that they planned to move to the Erin area in the future. Board chair Mark Bailey thanked the delegations for their presentations and indicated that the Boundary Review would be resolved in January.

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Trustees received the Interim Financial Report as at October 31, 2013. It was noted that while enrolment is up in the elementary panel (forecast over budget), the board is still in a declining enrolment situation. The increase is largely due to Full Day Kindergarten. Secondary enrolment is down, but bolstered by the influx of International students. Spending is similar to 2012 at this point in time, while there are some discrepancies in Occasional Teacher coverage and professional development due to last year's labour action.

King George (Guelph): Trustees Waterston, Moziar and Busuttil

School Naming Committees

New Balance Purple And Black

New Balance Purple And Black

New Balance Purple And Black

An on line survey will be posted on the board's website to solicit names for the schools, boxes to collect submissions will be placed in the feeder/holding schools for the five new facilities, and principals of the new schools will canvass students and parents.

Lee Street (Guelph). Trustees Bailey and Moziar

New Rockwood Elementary School (Rockwood): Trustee New Balance Purple And Black Cooper

School Council and the Parent Involvement Committee Policy

Trustees approved Policy 201, which sets out the responsibilities and processes involved in the establishing of Schools Councils, and the board wide Parent Involvement Committee. The revised policy will be posted on the website.

GUELPH, Ontario The December Meeting of the Upper Grand District School Board was held on Tuesday, December 17, 2013. The following provides highlights from the meeting. Brent Bloch and Kevin C. Taylor were appointed to the secondary Vice principals eligibility list.

Health and Safety Multi Year Plan

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