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New Balance Running Shoes London

The third courthouse was the longest standing, until 1904, when county officials began the push New Balance Black

The compromise was struck when Springfield's Old City Hall was built at the corner of Boonville Avenue and what is now Chestnut Expressway, which was between the two main areas of the previously separate cities.

What is now Commercial Street was one of the main roads for North Springfield, a separate city until 1887. Springfield, on the other hand, was centered around the now downtown square.

Ground was broken for the courthouse just north of that site New Balance Running Shoes London now Boonville Avenue and Central Street. Inmates at the county jail dug the holes for the foundation, the national designation history said. The cornerstone was laid July 17, 1910.

Celebrating a milestone

Eventually the two decided to combine, but not without a remaining sense of strong competition, the historians note.

More than once, a tax to fund the construction project failed. It had previously been part of the larger Crawford County, which encompassed a large portion of southwest Missouri.

"There was considerable controversy over the location and building of the fourth courthouse," notes the history included in the national designation papers.

for a new building. They cited the boom of the county's population as the reason for Sneaker New Balance

´╗┐Historic Greene County Courthouse

That courthouse eventually burned down while construction of a third courthouse nearby was underway in 1858.

"First was the reluctance of the citizens of Greene County to incur indebtedness to build the courthouse and second was where to locate the building."

New Balance Running Shoes London

New Balance Running Shoes London

So when it came time to decide where to put the new courthouse, both sides of Springfield wanted to house the new building.

New Balance Running Shoes London

In the years since its original construction, the historic courthouse has changed, but ever so slightly.

near what is now the downtown Springfield square, notes the original application to the National Registry of Historic Places.

The case went all the way to the Missouri Supreme Court and was eventually decided in the county's favor.

New Balance Running Shoes London

"Presiding Judge Ben Diemer, whose portrait hangs in the rotunda of the Greene County Courthouse, persevered through controversy, difficulty in raising funds, and law suits filed by men in the county to prevent the building of a new courthouse, to complete the task," the designation history notes.

In 1911, voters finally approved a bond levy to fund the rest of the courthouse construction after the previous money was depleted.

The land was bought by the county in 1909 for $12,825. The financing came from county surplus funds and the sale of the old courthouse because voters hadn't agreed on a tax increase.

But the citizens didn't see it that way, and voted down efforts in 1906 and 1907 to levy taxes for building a new courthouse.

A brick courthouse was built in the middle of the square in 1837.

New Balance Running Shoes London

needing a bigger, better building.

New Balance Running Shoes London

But that was after Diemer was defeated in the 1910 elections.

New Balance Running Shoes London

Uniting two Springfields

New Balance Running Shoes London

The first courthouse for the county was founding father John P. Campbell's log cabin New Balance Women Pink

New Balance Running Shoes London

New Balance Running Shoes London

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