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New Balance Slip On Womens

New Balance Slip On Womens

New Balance Slip On Womens

"I can't see a brand new, shiny, lunch box looking building going up on the corner of 13th and Elphinstone. To me it wouldn't fit the character of the community," Dumont said.

"It's kind of funny how it's working together, that we're celebrating the centennial of the school and they're talking about tearing it down at the same time," he said.

New Balance Slip On Womens

New Balance Slip On Womens

The school board is faced with a decision to renovate or demolish the building. The bill to restore it would cost $23 million, but it would only cost $19 million to demolish it and build New Balance Hiking Shoes Malaysia

Although Connaught has never been officially designated as a heritage building, he says the fact that it was the first of its kind as a dual track and community school should be reason enough to save it.

Rene Dumont, who is with the Connaught school community association, is concerned the school's historical significance New Balance Slip On Womens won't be enough to save the building.

New Balance Slip On Womens

Dumont says most people in the Cathedral neighbourhood want the building to stay as it is.

New Balance Slip On Womens

New Balance Slip On Womens

´╗┐historic Connaught school coming

New Balance Slip On Womens

"It's kind of like celebrating your hundredth birthday and trying to pick out a casket."

building, Dumont insists they should find the extra money.

The community association is New Balance Blue And Red

New Balance Slip On Womens

concerned that the ministry of education will want the cheaper option and the school board won't recognize the school's historic significance.

Despite the additional $4 million it would cost to renovate and preserve the original school New Balance Yoga Shoes

New Balance Slip On Womens

a new school.

New Balance Slip On Womens

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