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New Balance Women Classic

am serious about it. At the beginning of the season I wasn too serious, but then once I figured out that I could do really well in this (event) and that I could be first in Ontario, I kind of just set my mind to reaching that goal by the end of high school. of the training for javelin involves core exercises and practicing proper form, he said.

New Balance Women Classic

New Balance Women Classic

He is a personal trainer and Bordin intends to work with him to help train McCabe.

that what you have to work on the most. expects to soon have a javelin of his own that he can practise with regularly.

the provincial tournament, where he won a silver medal.

He said McCabe showed a certain amount of natural ability when it came to javelin.

he can work some muscle strengths for throwing javelin. has been a volunteer track coach since about 2000 when he began working with students at Bawating.

And what is even more impressive is the fact the Grade 9 Superior Heights student had not picked up a javelin until a few months ago when he started training for the city wide meet.

seemed to get the knack of it right off the bat, which is difficult for javelin. I taught kids that had a stronger arm, but no technique. And he had the throwing technique. said there is unbelievable amount of mechanics involved in javelin throwing. With a little work to his technique, McCabe could quickly add another five metres to his distance now, Bordin said.

New Balance Women Classic

New Balance Women Classic

He New Balance Women Classic continued helping young athletes when Bawating and Sir James Dunn amalgamated to become Superior Heights three years ago.

New Balance Women Classic

New Balance Women Classic

McCabe has been a standout in his freshman year at high school. He played wide receiver on the junior football team last fall, took to the hardwood with the junior basketball squad and also played badminton this spring.

Like a true competitor striving to excel, Gavyn McCabe won the javelin throw in the city high school championships late last month then bettered his distance at the Northern Ontario championships to win gold and capped things off with a personal best toss at Green New Balance Shoes

New Balance Women Classic

Bordin trained his son Barak, who now attends Sault College, as a track athlete. Barak won multiple city and NOSSA javelin champions and also competed at OFSAA.

city championship by posting a 39.69 metre throw.

He was recently named the school's junior boys athlete of the year.

going to set up a program for him and regulate it, Bordin said. going to train him in the off season so New Balance 670 Green

just seemed like a really cool event. I seen it in the Olympics and stuff and I always wanted to try it, said the 15 year old.

The recent success he had in javelin has inspired him to work harder and to train throughout the year to put up even better numbers next season. He is considering joining a local track club and will work with Superior Heights track coach Mike Bordin, who will provide the teen with some personalized training.

He made the right choice, as is evident by the results. McCabe topped all midgets in the New Balance Dark Grey

However, the training will have to wait a while because McCabe will be hitting the road this summer on a month long vacation east and west of the city.

He improved upon that distance at the Northern Ontario Secondary Schools Association (NOSSA) championships with the top throw of 43.35m, then tossed the spear 45.89m at the Ontario Federation of Schools Athletic Association (OFSAA) meet in Oshawa June 7.

New Balance Women Classic

New Balance Women Classic

New Balance Women Classic

The multi sport athlete also ran hurdles, the 100 metre sprint and the 4x100 relay for the Steelhawks, but he was drawn to javelin, which came easy to him.

wants me to join his club, McCabe said.

´╗┐His throws keep getting better and better

New Balance Women Classic

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