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New Balance Womens 680

The council director of services Barry Kehoe said that a lot of good work has been done under the RAPID programme, including the provision of playgrounds and recreation and sports facilities.

spend I propose that last year figure be reinstated for this year, he suggested.

funding caters for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. There is a myth that we provide the funding just to get matched funding from the Government. But there is always work that needs to go ahead if we put in the budget, we could New Balance Gold Trainers

Led by calls from Cllr Paul Hogan, councillors voted to triple the council allocation towards RAPID projects, as they considered the town budget for 2013.

could spend any amount of money on RAPID areas, and we do spend money; good facilities have been provided and those areas are well served without But if members want to spend more we can certainly have a look and come up with suggestions, he said.

was found from a variety of sources, including a reduction in members conference expenses of a reduction in funding for a waterfront study by a decrease in spending on the European Festival of a New Balance Light Blue Shoes

Cllr Hogan was supported in this by Cllrs Kieran Molloy, Gabrielle McFadden, and Mark Cooney.

While the council had proposed to allocate towards the RAPID programme in the town, which targets disadvantaged areas, Cllr Hogan suggested the amount be increased to

New Balance Womens 680

New Balance Womens 680

New Balance Womens 680

´╗┐Hogan secures increase in RAPID funding

New Balance Womens 680

After hearing the details of the budget, councillors requested an adjournment while they rearranged some of the figures to allow the extra allocation for RAPID.

New Balance Womens 680

New Balance Womens 680

However Cllr Hogan said last year full amount hadn been spent due to a in personnel but that the RAPID coordinator has list as New Balance Womens 680 long as her arm of deserving projects.

They also proposed an increase in in funding for Athlone Little Theatre.

projected increase of in income from the NPPR (Non Principal Private Residence ) charge, and an increase in marina income of

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New Balance Womens 680

New Balance Womens 680

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